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United Kingdom

In the UK, the initiative was implemented by a group of partners including the Terence Higgins Trust (THT), African HIV Policy Network (AHPN), Positively Women (PW), PozFem and the International Community of Women Living with HIV (ICW) and HIV Scotland. These core partners assisted with outreach and engaging diverse community representatives in the implementation process. 


Ukraine: overlapping stigmas

The findings of the research have demonstrated that stigma, discrimination and violation of human rights of people living with HIV/AIDS are widely spread in Ukraine.

UK stigma index data used in NAM publication

NAM have produced a new edition of our patient information booklet HIV, stigma & discrimination aims to help people understand the causes of stigma and discrimination, think about ways of responding and find out where to go for help and support.


The legitimacy of criminalising HIV transmission?

Exploring the legal legitimacy and human rights implications of criminalising HIV transmission ... by Matthew Weait.


Surprising levels of poverty and food insecurity revealed in Moldovan study 2011

Nearly half of unemployed respondents reported food deficits in their households.