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Sudan - Stigma Free A Journey of Self Discovery

Hager lives in Khartoum. She is an active member of ‘People Living with HIV Association (PLHIV)' and ‘Women Living with HIV,' both key partners of the DFID funded project in Sudan. She explains the situation in her country: "Living with HIV in Sudan is not easy. The media demonizes HIV; this is both a symptom and a cause of the high level of HIV in Sudan. This stigma affects people's access to medical treatment as well as support services."


Standing Up and Speaking Out: Women and HIV in the Middle East and North Africa


This report published in 2012 share the voices of a  remarkable group of women. They are the founding members of MENA-Rosa, the first regional association dedicated to women touched by HIV in the Middle East and North Africa. Launched in 2010, MENA-Rosa’s mandate is ambitious, as are its members, in their own words: 

Middle East and North Africa

The regional capacity development workshop and implementation of the stigma index is driven by a partnership between the IPPF regional office (based in Tunis), the UNAIDS Regional Support Team (based in Cairo) and local networks of people living with HIV.