The People Living with HIV Stigma Index in The Belarus was published in 2013.

The total number of People Living with HIV who participated in this study was 370. Almost 605 of respondents were men( 55.7% n=206) and over 40% were women( 44.3% n=164). Over 805 of the respondents (81.1% n= 300) were between the ages 25-39. The largest percentage of respondents, 37.6% (n=139), have been living with HIV for 10-14 years, while a further 28.9% (n=107) for 5-9 years and 21.9% (n=81) for 1-4 years. Further 12.4% (n= 46) of respondents report having a physical disability other than HIV-related general ill health.
Over two-fifth of respondents (44.6%, n= 165) lived with spouse or partner; 32.2 % (n= 119) had a spouse or partner but did not live with him/her; while 23.3%(n=86) were single (unmarried,divorced or widowed). Over 80% of respondents (82.7% n=306) reported that they were sexually active.

The full report is provided here.

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