The People Living with HIV Stigma Index in the Belize was conducted in 2013.

Interviews were conducted in the 6 districts of Belize including the Islands, 430 surveys were processed and completed after the data was processed. 

49.5% of total participants were women, follow by 48.83% men and 1.63% Trans. More than half report being sexually active, 56.27% were interviewed in the major towns and cities, 22% of the people reported being unemployed, most people do not feel discriminated against in social, religious or family activities, but those who expressed being discriminated state that it was because of their HIV status and other reasons; because of their diagnosis 38% have had to change their place of residence, 63.71% of the persons who said lost their job said it was because of their HIV status and other reasons.

The most affected age group is in the cohort of 15-55 year olds who represent the active economic sector, with an increment in the ages of 45-49 years.


The full report is provided here.


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