The People Living with HIV Stigma Index in The Cambodia was conducted in 2010.

A total number of 394 PLHIV were interviewed. Females represented 71.1% and males 28.7% whereas three respondents identified as transgender17 (Table 2). This gender imbalance in the sampling cohort is inconsistent with the official national PLHIV rate of 45.2% males and 54.4% females18 and might have been due to the fact that most respondents are part of a PLHIV network or self-help group in the coverage areas.
About 80% of respondents were aged 30-49 years and only 10 respondents between 15-25 years old (Figure 3), possibly reflecting the fact that most respondents were selected from PLHIV networks or self-help groups. It must be noted that the views of young PLHIV may not be well represented in this study.

More than 50% of respondents were living in coupled relationships (married or nonmarried);at the time of the survey, with an additional 14 respondents who were in relationships but living apart. 32.2% of respondents have been widowed. A large majority of the relationships have lasted 5 years or more (77%), with 15.9% of relationships lasting 15 years or more.

The full report is provided here.