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The Stigma Index is a research methodology that is led by people living with HIV, sometimes in partnership with national and stage level stakeholders, such as ministries of health. It is a research methodology that embodies the principle of the greater involvement of people living with HIV (GIPA), the research is led by people living with HIV - they have decision making power in how the research is conducted. 

To ensure the GIPA principle is being operationalized and to protect the integrity and correct use of the Stigma Index, the questionnaire is not available on this website and not made available to anyone who is not conducting the research.

Do you want to implement the People Living with HIV Stigma Index in your country or do you want more information on the Stigma Index?
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The People Living with HIV Stigma Index is intended for use as an empowering research tool for developing evidence based advocacy by and for people living with HIV. The Stigma Index has been developed through extensive field testing in pilot studies and when implemented in its entirety has shown to be a valid and reliable tool. It is not intended for any other use. The coordinating partnership of the Stigma Index accepts no responsibility for applications of the Stigma Index beyond the intended purpose outlined and additional ethical and reliability tests should be undertaken if the Stigma Index is adapted in part or in whole.