The People living with HIV Stigma Index in The Fiji was conducted in 2010.

Female respondents outnumbered males.The total number of People Living with HIV who participated in this study was 45. Out of 45 People Living with HIV, 19 were male (about 42.2 % ) and the rest 26 ( 57.8% ) were female. 
Over 80% of respondents were between the ages of 25 and 49.
Half of the respondents are currently co-habiting with husband/wife/partner, while more than one quarter of respondents are of single marital status.

The Association of People Living with HIV & AIDS (APLHIV) would like to extend  special thanks to all the PLHIVs who took part in this study. Without their willingness and sharing their life time experiences this research would not have been possible.

The full report is provided here.

Graphs and charts