Lao People's Democratic Republic

The People Living with HIV Stigma Index in The Lao People's Democratic Republic was in 2012.

Of all of the individuals asked to participate in the PLHIV Stigma Index survey, only six declined. Our resulting population of 305 PLHIV included153(50%) females, 130 (43%) males and 22 (7%) transgender (TG)females. Table 3 presents this information by region.
The age of participants ranged from 16-67 and the average age was 35.6. Figure 2 shows the age distribution of our sample layered by gender. We see that females and TG females in our sample tend to have an age distribution that is generally younger than the male participants.
The majority of respondents were in a relationship (60%). This group is composed of those individuals who are married or cohabiting and the partner is currently in the household (55%), those married or cohabiting but their partner is temporarily living or working away from the household (4%) and those in a relationship but are not living together (1%). Furthermore, we found that 23% of respondents were single and 17% were widow(er)s.

The full report is provided here.