The People Living with HIV Sigma Index in The Liberia was conducted in 2013.

Adult aged 30-39 years constitutes the highest number of respondents followed by adult aged 40-49, with female dominance representing 74% of sum total.One out of every three PLHIV is single and women constitute approximately 78.7 % of this total. Ninety- eight persons representing 20% reported being in relationship but not living together while 29 respondents accounting for 6% reported being in relationship but their partners are away. Additionally, 20 persons (4%) of the respondents said that ther are either divorced or separated while 23 individuals( 5%) inidcated that they are one of a widow of a widower.However, 149 respondents corresponding to 31% said they are married/cohabiting with partners in the home. Overall, 69% of the respondents are without partners at one point in time or the other.

The full report is provided here.