19 Jan 2017
Three associations of people living with HIV networks carried out implementation of the index in 2015. They are now working to finalise the reports in Russian and English for publication. Thre three networks involved are Kazakhstan Union of People living with HIV Tajikistan, Public organization: “ SPIN PLUS” Kyrgyzstan, Association...
8 Nov 2016
WHAT FORMS OF STIGMA AND DISCRIMINATION DO PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV FACE IN MICHIGAN ? Among the 70 SI Questionnaire participants, during the prior year: 80% experienced negative feelings of self-blame and guilt about being HIVpositive. 73% experienced at least one form of social discrimination, most commonly hearing gossip about...
2 Nov 2016
The Botswana Network of People Living With HIV (BONEPWA+) in cooperation with the National AIDS Coordinating Agency (NACA), Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), United NationsDevelopment Programme (UNDP), and Bomme Isago, carried out this study in 2014 . The full study can be found here
3 May 2016
The Stigma Index was first conducted by VNP+ in 2011. In 2014, VNP+ undertook a second round of the Stigma Index to analyse the stigma and discrimination currently faced by people living with HIV in Viet Nam, and to establish what positive and/or negative changes ,if any,have taken place in...
14 Mar 2016
: What is stigma? What is the Stigma Index? and What does a world without Stigma look like?
9 Mar 2016
Limits and Complexity Research on Stigma and HIV Laurel Sprague A wonderful audio presentation can be accessed here Laurel articulates clear reasons and presents evidence of the value of community based research. She uses the Index and the criminalisatiomn of HIV non-disclosure, exposure, and transmission of HIV, as examples.
2 Mar 2016
“People living with HIV, especially young people, men who have sex with men, transgender people, people who sell sex and people who use drugs struggle to be heard and respected at clinics and hospitals. Stigma Index data from more than 65 countries and more than 65 000 people living with...
19 Feb 2016
In 2015 the team in the Congo completed the implementaion of the study. There report is now avaialble here
18 Jan 2016
Late in 2105 as part of the Positive Networks Consortuim coordinated by GNP+ (funded by the Robert Carr Network Fund) several organisations of PLHIV and their allies camme together in Trinidad - Port of Spain. Understanding, exploring, and sharing how implementing the Index in the CRN+ region might aid advocacy...
20 Dec 2015
A video of some highlights of the sesion can be found here