The international partnership of the Stigma Index (GNP+, ICW and UNAIDS) embarks on an update of this site

20 Jan 2015

The international partnership of the Stigma Index (GNP+, ICW and UNAIDS) continues to update the Stigma Index website- Our aim is to make the website reflective of all the great work that has been done at a country level and serve as a platform for all of the country teams to showcase their work and learn from experiences of others.

 Recognising the limitations of the current version of the website, we are embarking in a revision process.

 And to ensure we have a website that serves your needs, we need your help and input.


if you have been involved in the implemetation of the Stigma index feel free to look at the information held about the country or countries you have been involved in to:

1) suggest changes or additions to the introductory text to the country reports – the introductory text and the country reports can be accessed by clicking on the COUNTRY ANALYSIS tab and then using the drop down list (or the map) to get to the country page

2) provide details of a contact point or points in the country (email address etc.) – and any links to other websites or other information which is relevant.

3) provide us with any news or journal articles about the Stigma Index evidence in your country or countries, advocacy reports or presentations made about the impact of the Stigma Index, etc. – you can review existing articles listed on the website via the search box; you can send us new articles by email.

We can accept info in most formats – as word documents, pdf’s, etc.


 Please reply to telling us who you are if you are making suggestions 

  If you are providing a document in a language other than English, a translation would be appreciated, but if that is not available we would be grateful if you could provide a very brief summary in English.


Thanks the Stigma Index team at GNP+