Mauritius Stigma Index takes stock 2013

22 May 2014

The study shows that HIV-related stigma and discrimination, most notably high levels of internal stigma as well as discrimination in healthcare settings, is ongoing and acts as a barrier for PLHIV to access HIV prevention, treatment and care service in Mauritius. With a concentrated HIV epidemic, many PLHIV face layered stigma, related to their perceived or actual belonging to one or more key population groups. 

About 60% of respondents identified as people who use drugs (60.9%, n=243) and over 40% reported being an ex-detainee (41.4%, n=103). Around 15% identified as a sex worker (n=63), 12% as MSM (n=48) and less than one quarter did not identify as belonging to any key population(23.1%,n=92).