The People Living with HIV Stigma Index in Nigeria now implemented for a second time

4 May 2015


The People Living with HIV Stigma Index in Nigeria has now been implemented for a second time. Over 4000 people living with HIV have participated in the latest study (2014/5) .  The initial headline findings can be seen in the attached presentation. The lead PLHIV orgnaisation in Nigeria involved in the study is NEPWHAN. It  serves as the umbrella administrative body of all support groups of people living with HIV in Nigeria. At the apex of NEPWHAN organogram is the Delegates Assembly which comprises delegates from all support groups across the country that registered with the organization. To find out more about the work that it does click here which wil take you to their website .

NEPWHAN also partnered with GNP+ as part of the HIV Leadership Through Accountability (LTA)  programme under which the first implementation of the Index happened in 2009/2010. More about the LTA  and the work that NEPWHAN carried out as part of this programme  can be found here

The cordinator of the involvement of NEPWHAN in the index is Peter Nweke who can be contacted for further information about the study at or via