17 Nov 2015
This is an interactive session which highlights how the evidence from the PLHIV Stigma Index has been used in advocacy in different countries, maps how the Stigma Index can continue to be relevant beyond 2015, and defines a joint advocacy agenda towards zero discrimination. to sign up please use this...
10 Oct 2015
Self-stigma; negative self-judgement resulting in shame, worthlessness and blame represents an important but neglected aspect of living with HIV. It impacts a person's ability to live positively, limits meaningful self agency, quality of life, adherence to treatment and access to health services. High levels have been reported through the People...
6 Oct 2015
ICASA 2015 is happening from the 29th November to the 4th December 2105 in Harare Zimbabwe - details can be found at . We want to know if you are going We cannot offer financial assistance to anyone - but for those of you who have been involved in...
12 Sep 2015
A team has completed the fieldwork - and the report is currently being finalised !
9 Sep 2015
The new publication from UNAIDS and Stop AIDS Alliance, Communities deliver: The critical role of communities in reaching global targets to end the AIDS epidemic , was published in August 2015, and features information about the Stigma Index on p.59. The report draws on evidence of the many ways in...
25 Aug 2015
The Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC) and the Ghana Network of persons living with HIV/AIDS (NAP+ Ghana) published the study in 2014 but it has only just come to our attention. The full results of the study can be found here
21 Aug 2015
Stella Knutsui gave a presentation of the implementation findings in late 2014 - it shows the stituation in UGANDA regarding Stigma and discrimation at a glance .
17 Jun 2015
On June 15th 2015 HIV Vereniging Nederland (HVN) presented the results of Positive Vision, a large-scale peer-to-peer research on quality of life among 468 people living with HIV.
11 Jun 2015
South Africa’s first national HIV stigma index has found that seven percent of HIV-positive women surveyed reported being sterilised against their will and about 40 percent reported contraception was a pre-requisite of accessing antiretrovirals (ARVs).
4 May 2015
The People Living with HIV Stigma Index in Nigeria has now been implemented for a second time. Over 4000 people living with HIV have participated in the latest study (2014/5) . The initial headline findings can be seen in the attached presentation. The lead PLHIV orgnaisation in Nigeria involved in...