GIPA put into action in Ecuador 2009/10

27 Sep 2013

One of the main features of PLHIV Stigma Index study is the involvement of people living with HIV in all its  phases, following principle GIPA (greater involvement of people with HIV).

Thus, the Coalition Ecuadorian people living with HIV / AIDS selected and trained a group of 15 PLHIV who interviewed 500 peers in 7 of the cities with the highest incidence of HIV: Guayaquil, Quito, Porto Viejo, Manta, Santo Domingo, Esmeraldas, Machala and Lago Agrio. The interviewers participated in a three day workshop in November 2009 to familiarise them with the tool and methodology.
A Task Force was formed composed of 15 interviewers, the project coordinator, along with a technical consultant who handled the quality control and coordination, and statistician for the analysis of results.