The People Living with HIV Stigma Index The Pakistan was conducted in 2010. 

A total of 883 PLHIVS were interviewed out of which (649) 73.5 % were males (228) 25.8% were females and only (6) 0.7 % transgender. This does not reflect the overall proportion of PLHIVs in Pakistan, which might be more than reported.
A significant proportion (78%) of the respondents were in the productive age group of 25-49 years of age.
Approximately12 % of the respondents were living as widower/widow, but the proportion of widow for females rises to 33% . These widows lost their husbands due to this deadly disease making them the most vulnerable group to carry the burden of the disease and the attached stigma and discrimination. Most of them were living alone and had faced the worst kind of stigma and discrimination after the death of their life partners. Most of them were tested after the death of their husbands as consulted by the doctors and were found positive adding more apathy to their sorrow. Most of them were thrown out of their in laws homes and forced to live a separate life.
70.9% are sexually active, which may pose a serious threat about the transmission of HIV if proper precautionary measures are not taken.

The full report is provided here.

The Association of People Living with HIV & AIDS (APLHIV) would like to extend 

special thanks to all the PLHIVs who took part in this study. Without their willingness 

and sharing their life time experiences this research would not have been possible.