East and Southeast Asia, Pacific

Regional partners include APN+ (the Asia Pacific Network of People Living with HIV, based in Bangkok), the UNAIDS Regional Support Team (based in Bangkok) and ICW Asia-Pacific.

Several countries in the region have implemented the PLHV Stgima Index. To view the countries and see reports and news about the implementations go here   

The country reports and teams within the countries have also contributed to thematic and regional reports. These include  a global briefing on stigma and discrimination at work available  here and a regional analysis available on this page. 

 History of the initiative in the region 

Regional partnerships were  consolidated in East and Southeast Asia and the Pacific to support the rollout of the index in the region. The international partners worked closely with the UNAIDS Regional Support Teams (based in Bangkok) and APN+ (the Asia Pacific Network of People Living with HIV, based in Bangkok) to plan, implement and support follow-up from the regional training workshops.

The regional training for the People Living with HIV Stigma Index took place in Bangkok (30 March - 2 April 2008) for 19 participants from 9 countries in East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific-Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, The Philippines and Myanmar. The facilitators were from IPPF and APN+. Observers attended the meeting from UNAIDS Cambodia, UNAIDS Thailand and UNAIDS Myanmar, UNAIDS RST, the TSF in Malaysia and from ICW. The workshop was conducted in English with translation into Thai and Burmese.