The People Living with HIV Stigma Imdex in The Philippines was conducted from October 2009 to January 2010.

A total of 80 individuals took part in the People Living with HIV Stigma Index research. Majority (61.3%) are men, and four in ten (37.5%) were women and only one respondent self-identified as transgender. 
A great majority of the respondents (63.8%) are in the prime or at the peak of economic productive age of 30 to 49 years old. The age ranged from 17 to more than 50 years old, with only one (1) respondent belonging to teenage group and one for over fifty years old. Nearly half (45%) of the respondents are living with HIV in less than two years and the other half (48.8%) has been living with HIV within two to nine years. Very few (only 5) respondents were living with HIV for more than ten years already. In terms of current status of relationship, two in five  (41.3%) are single, one in four (26.3%) are married/cohabitating with partner living in the household, one in five (20%) are in a relationship but not living together, the rest were either married/cohabitating; partner temporarily away from household, divorced/separated and or widowed.

The full report is provided here - though currently is marked as a draft not to be quoted from at the request of the authors at PINOY PLUS.

Foe those needing a quotable reference for the figures and findings: 

The INDEX was featured prominently in the Phillipinne Population Review  published in 2011 (page 43 onwards). It is available here. It gives many of the figures and results from the Stigma Index findings .



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