The People Living with HIV Stigma Index in Poland was published in 2011.

Five- hundred and two people completed the questionnaires. Of these, 61% (N=306) were male, and 39% (N=196) were female. The largest group of respondents (44%, N=220) were aged 30-39 years old. Almost one third (32%, N=158) were aged 40-49 years old with the third largest category being adults aged over 50 years(12%, N=60). There were only 6 respondents (1%) aged 15-19 years of age. In total 13% of the respondents (N=64) were under 30 years of age.
Twenty percent of interviewees (N=99) had been living with HIV for less than 4 years, while over 60% of respondents (N=300) had been living with HIV more than 10 years.
Fifty-two percent of respondents (N=260) were relationship, and a further 13% (N=66) were divorced, separated or widowed, Thirty-four percent (N=168) of respondents were married or cohabiting and living with their partner in the same household. Twenty-nine percent (N=146) were single.
Seventy-two percent of respondents (N=358) reported that they were currently sexually active. The majority of women who reported being sexually active were married or cohabiting in the same household as their husband or partner. Most men who reported being sexually active were also married or cohabiting with their wife or partner; however, a much larger percentage of sexually active men than women indicated that they were single. Of women who reported that they were not sexually active, more than a third were single; however, more than a quarter were divorced or separated and almost one-fifth were widows. Of the male respondent who were not sexually active, proportionately fewer reported being widowed or divorced. Almost 70 percent of the non-sexually active men were single.

The full report is provided here.

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