The People Living with HIV Stigma Index in The Swaziland was published  in 2011 (June).

A total of 1233 people living with HIV were inteviewed using an adopted questionnaire developed by the stigma index project and they comprised of 74.3 % (916) females, 25.3% (312) males and 0.4% (5) who identified themselves as transgender. The highest pecentage was those who had lived with 1 to 4 years with HIV and they were 44.5% followed by those who had lived 5 to 9 years with HIV who were 33.2 %. A majority of 75.8 % interviewees lived in rural aereas, 22.5% live in small towns and 1.7% lived in cities.
The majority (68.7 %) of respondents were in relationship with 34.2% married and living with their partners, 9.5% married but not living together temporarily, 17.9% were in a relationship but not living together and 6.7% were single and living with partner. Only 15.5% were single and living alone, 11.3% were widowed and 4,8% were divorced or separated. 
A majority of 65.6% (809)pointed out that they were sexually active and 34.4% (424) said that they were not as shown in the following chart.

The full report is provided here.

Graphs and charts