The People Living with HIV Stigma Index in Uganda was conducted in 2013.

Majority of the respondents 55% (613) belong to a general population that comprise of peasants, business owners and self employed persons. The civil servants accounts for about 15% (171) of the total respondent

and they are almost equally distributed between males and females. The youth account for 11% (116) with females more than males 6% (65) vs 4.5% (51).

Majority of the respondents were in the age category of (40-49 years). Adults aged 50 and above years accounted for close to 20% (215). Marital status among the sample also varied. The married/cohabiting

category was the largest 49% (538) but also a large proportion 25% (278), n=110 were either divorced or separated or widowed.


There are also some news items about the implenetation and the laucnch of the report that can be accessed here 

The full report is provided here.

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