Viet Nam

The People Living with HIV Stigma Index in The Viet Nam was published in 2012. The index was also implemenred in 2015 
In 2012:
Among the PLHIV in the OPC sample, the majority of respondents were male (736 men or 62.2%), with 37.8% (454) women; this is an accurate reflection of Viet Nam’s epidemic as it is currently understood. This pattern is more extreme among the PWID snowball sample in Dien Bien, with only 5% women among the 150 people interviewed, reflecting a more general gendered pattern of drug use. Of 142 MSM interviewed in HCMC, 14 identified themselves as transgender. The majority of respondents from all four samples were aged between 30 and 39 years, with a further substantial proportion aged between 25 and 29 years. In the OPC sample, proportionally, there were more younger women than younger men, and more men than women aged above 30 – which may indicate a slight shift in the epidemic. There were also some young FSW in Ha Noi and MSM in HCMC (2.0% and 2.1% respectively in the 18-19 year category) in the samples.

The full reports for 2012 and 2015  are provided here .