The People Living with HIV Stigma Index in The Yemen was conducted in 2012.

The participants came from 6 governorates with a distribution proportional to the number of PLHIV registered with the NAP. Sana'a is the capital city and has most of the HIV services followed by Aden.

Males and females were represented with little difference between the sexes in order to reflect both sides views and experiences ( female 47% N= 77, male 53% N= 86).

An important proportion of the participants were 30-39 years old forming 40.5% of the total sample, 36% among males and 45.5% among females. The 25-29 year group was the second important group with a 21.5% of the total. The older group was double represented among males (11%) compared to the females (6.5%). 

Half of the participants were married and lived with their spouses (50%) while 20% were widowed, 10% separated and 16% single.

The full report is provided here.