The People Living with HIV Stigma Index in The Zambia was published in 2012.

In Zambia HIV disproportionably affects more women than men, with women constiuting 57% of the 1.2 million adults estimated to be living with HIV ( UNAIDS, 2008). In the 15-19 age group, HIV prevalence for women is 6% and 4% for men.  Women aged 20-24 are 2.3 times more likely to be HIV- positive than men on the same age group (CSO, 2008). This trend continues up until  the 40-49 age group, at which point prevalence is higher among men than women.
For both men and women, the most common relationship status was married and living with a spouse ( 54.9% of men ( n=200) and 37% of women (n=179) ).

The full report is provided here.

This poster is presenting the Rural-urban differences in HIV-related stigma in Zambia: