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Human Rights Day 2020: Using evidence from the PLHIV Stigma Index for a rights-based approach in the AIDS response

9 December 2020

Years into the global response to fight the HIV epidemic, stigma and discrimination remain key barriers in achieving quality of life for people living with HIV. The PLHIV Stigma Index provides evidence on the importance of non-health related interventions as well as rights-based programming and why it needs to continue.

On world human rights day 2020, GNP+ celebrates community-led initiatives and responses in addressing HIV-related stigma and discrimination as a critical part of the global AIDS response, as shown by PLHIV networks in many parts of the globe – including the one highlighted in this short video showcasing the initiative from ZNNP+ in Zimbabwe in addressing HIV-related stigma and discrimination in religious settings.

We demand increased investment and a clear framework from donors and governments to work together with PLHIV community groups globally, to ensure all findings and evidence produced by the PLHIV Stigma Index are followed up with prompt responses and adequate resources to allow changes to take place én route in reaching 2030 UNAIDS global targets.