This page showcases all PLHIV Stigma Index implementations – countries where the Stigma Index has been completed, as well as countries that are currently implementing the study.

By clicking on a country in the world map above or the list below, you will find the contact details of the leading PLHIV network and any available country reports. The country reports describe how the PLHIV Stigma Index study was implemented, present the findings, draw conclusions, and provide evidence-based recommendations regarding HIV-related stigma and discrimination experienced by people living with HIV.

Please be advised that in January of 2020, a standardized methodology was launched, and all PLHIV Stigma Index implementations conducted since then have followed. Before this time, each PLHIV Stigma Index study has used its own methodology, limiting the comparability of the studies. Caution is advised when comparing the findings of PLHIV Stigma Index studies that have not used the same methodology.

Contents of the country reports may be used freely, provided the study is appropriately cited, which must include the leading PLHIV network(s) as main author.