Community voices

“From direct experience of implementing the project, I learned about research methods and sampling strategies, including interviewing list-based sampling, clinic walk-in sampling, snowball sampling, and the informed consent process. The participants agreed to be interviewed to document lessons learned for next clients. I understood about the process of seeking ethics approval from the Ministry of Health and collaboration from all selected referral hospitals and history of the study. I also learned about how to use tablets for data collection and various stories and problems that happened in communities and at hospitals.”

Sreyluch Leap
Stigma Index Coordinator
Cambodia 2019

Sreyluch Leap

“Dejar de ‘estar solo’ es una de las metas más fructíferas de este proceso”

Stigma Index Interviewer
Argentina 2019


“Without the PLHIV Stigma Index survey, no one can understand the pain, deprivation, blame, fear, and accusations that PLHIV experience in silence, irrespective of one’s social status.”

Stigma Index Interviewer
Uganda 2019

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