Launch of the PLHIV Stigma Index 2.0 report in Uganda

29 November 2019

Congratulations to the National Forum of PLHA Networks in Uganda (NAFOPHANU) on the launch of the PLHIV Stigma Index 2.0 Report!

The International Partnership of the PLHIV Stigma Index (GNP+, UNAIDS & ICW) is proud of the work people living with HIV have done as interviewers, interviewees, and drivers of how the information is analyzed and used.

“The evidence gathered by the PLHIV Stigma Index can contribute to great and meaningful change in the daily lives of people living with HIV in Uganda. We all have a responsibility to own the data and use it in our advocacy at national and district levels. With these findings, concrete plans can be made and actions taken to tackle HIV-related stigma and discrimination where it’s mostly needed: an evidence-based, targeted response to ensure effective actions to reduce stigma and therefore improving the quality of the lives of people living with HIV. We at GNP+ are looking forward to collaborating with you on this next step of evidence-based and impact advocacy to drive change”, said our Board Chair Jacquelyne Alesi Ssozi at the launch.

#PLHIVatthecenter #endHIVstigma