PLHIV Stigma Index in Latin America

1 October 2021

18 months after the launch of PLHIV Stigma Index standardized methodology in early 2020, PLHIV Stigma Index implementation reaches the Latin America region. The initiative arrives timely with the new Global AIDS Strategy 2021 – 2026 that was adopted in June 2021. The new strategy for the global AIDS response includes a strong focus on the elimination of HIV-related stigma and discrimination towards ending the AIDS epidemic in 2030.

RedLA+, the regional PLHIV network in Latin America, and ICW Latina are leading this initiative under GF regional grant ALEP project managed by Hivos. This regional initiative will cover implementations in the following countries:

  • Bolivia, led by Red Boliviana de Personas con VIH
    Focal point: Gracia Violeta Ross Quiroga

In addition, Guatemala and Colombia, which are part of Latin America initiatives, will be implementing the PLHIV Stigma Index funded by their country GF local grant, and supported by UNAIDS and UNFPA.
RedLA+ and ICW Latina also received a commitment from USAID to support 3 more country implementations in the Latin America region: El Salvador, Honduras, Panama.

This regional initiative will be instrumental in addressing HIV-related stigma and discrimination in the respective region and will provide evidence to inform policy and program development both at country- and regional level.

For more information, please contact:
Rodrigo Pascal,, Regional coordinator for the PLHIV Stigma Index in Latin America
Guiselly Flores,, Secretariat RedLA+
Arely Cano,, Secretariat ICW Latina