PLHIV Stigma Index training in Tajikistan

24 February 2020

After conducting a first round of the PLHIV Stigma Index in 2015, Tajikistan is currently preparing for its second rollout of the PLHIV Stigma Index. This week in Dushanbe, a training was held for future interviewers for the PLHIV Stigma Index 2.0, by the local network of PLHIV and NGO SPIN Plus. The training was attended by 20 participants from different regions of Tajikistan, and included representatives from all key population groups (i.e., LGBT people, people who use drugs, and sex workers).

The purpose of the training was to train community representatives in interviewing skills, on the updated methodology of the PLHIV Stigma Index 2.0, as well as working with the database, and advocating for the research results.

“Tajikistan is a very important country for us – as it has extremely high levels of criminalization of people living with HIV. Last year alone, approximately 150 new criminal cases were initiated against PLHIV. The PLHIV Stigma Index 2.0 is an important part of this advocacy and an important instrument for gathering data and the empowerment of communities inside the country, as well as extremely helpful in understanding the reason of this situation and what kind of stigma fuels such extremely bad consequences. Thus, conducting such a study is one of the most important steps for further advocating for changes in Tajikistan. We are grateful to our partners for their willingness to join the fight for the rights of people living with HIV. ”
– Sasha Volgina, program manager GNP+