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Webinar 2: Taking a Standardized Approach in Documenting HIV-related Stigma and Discrimination

7 July 2022

On Wednesday July 6th, the 2nd webinar in the PLHIV Stigma Index webinar series took place. The webinar focused on taking a standardized approach in documenting HIV-related stigma and discrimination, and the standardized methodology for the PLHIV Stigma Index in particular.

Missed the webinar? Not to worry: you can access the recording here!

PLHIV Stigma Index Webinar 2 – 06 July 2022

View and download presentations from panelists here:

NIH – Opening remarks – Paul Gaist

NIH – Opening remarks – Gregory Greenwood

ICW – Role of the International Partnership – Keren Dunaway

GNP+ – Introduction to the Standardized Methodology – Pim Looze

NEPWHAN – Experience with the Standardized Methodology – Abdulkadir Ibrahim

ZNNP+ – Experience with the Standardized Methodology – Tonderai Mwareka

UNAIDS – Global AIDS Monitoring and the Stigma Index – Victoria Bendaud

Still to come…

The 3rd webinar will focus on using PLHIV Stigma Index data for advocacy.
Stay tuned to find out when the final webinar of the series will take place. You don’t want to miss it!